A24’s Tuesday Pulls Julia Louis-Dreyfus Into a Mother-Daughter Fairytale


Recently seen in a small role in Marvel’s Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has reportedly signed on to star in new fantasy comedy Tuesday. While little is known about the plot, the A24/BBC Film co-financed movie has been described as a “mother-daughter fairytale”. The vagueness of the brief synopsis means there is a lot of directions this could go, but based on the credentials of the cast and crew there is likely to be a few laughs on the way.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus takes on the role of the mother of the title character, Tuesday, who will be played by up and coming Lola Petticrew. The Irish actress has appeared in a number of roles since making her tv debut in 2018 mini-series Next of Kin, including Bloodlands and My Left Nut as well as the movies Dating Amber and A Bump Along The Way. She will next be seen as Jane Seymour in the new mini-series Anne Boleyn, which has been much publicised recently for being the first historical drama to have a black actress playing the doomed wife of Henry VIII. Petticrew also stars alongside Lily-Rose Depp in upcoming Nathalie Biancheri written and directed Wolf.

Tuesday will be the directorial debut feature-length movie of London-based Daina O Pusic, who gained critical praise for her short The Beast when it premiered in 2015 at the Telluride Film Festival, and won numerous awards for her follow up Rhonna & Donna the following year.

A24 already has a number of movies ready for release this year and are hoping to follow the success of their recent hits such as Lady Bird and Uncut Gems. This summer will see them release the medieval fantasy The Green Knight, as well as the contemporary retelling of Rosemary’s Baby in False Positive, and finally Zola, based on a Twitter thread, because that is the stuff that movies are made of, obviously.

Louis-Dreyfus is no stranger to success herself, having taken home a joint record of eight acting Primetime Emmy Awards for her roles in The New Adventures of Old Christine, Seinfeld and Veep, which also gained her three producer awards. Her comedy credentials were boosted when she became only the sixth woman to win the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, joining a distinguished list of Whoopi Goldberg, Tina Fey, Carol Burnett, Ellen DeGeneres and Lily Tomlin. While she not ventured onto the big screen very often, her turns in Downhill, Deconstructing Harry and Enough Said have proven her as more than capable of transferring her abilities between movie and small screen roles.

While details of where we can expect to see Tuesday are probably not going to be known for a while yet, following a number of A24 projects landing on Apple TV+ it is likely that if it does not gain a full theatrical release it will probably be found on the technology giant’s streaming service. Regardless of where it lands, with a more than competent cast and crew, A24 are clearly going to have another sure-fire hit on their hands. This news originated at Variety.

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