Amanda Gorman’s Yellow Alice + Olivia Dress on GMA


Amanda Gorman, activist, inaugural poet, and writer, is developing a signature color palette alongside her stylist Jason Bolden. It happens to be connected to the yellow Prada coat we saw her in when she first took the stage on Inauguration Day to read “The Hill We Climb,” which is now a book!

Gorman sat for a virtual interview on Good Morning America to celebrate her recent success and her new Penguin Random House publication, speaking as eloquently as ever to Robin Roberts. She wore yellow, as we could have predicted well enough by now, in the form of an Alice + Olivia babydoll minidress with a shirred mockneck and bishop sleeves. Even though the Karena design is still available for the moment, retailing at $465, we wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Gorman effect extends to Alice + Olivia’s retail site with how smitten people are by her bright look, which many have compared to sunshine.

Roberts asked Gorman how she feels about all the little ones on Instagram re-creating her Prada coat and red headband moment. “One, they’re just adorable and so cute, so it brings so much joy to my feed. But also, thinking about the fact that hopefully I can be the entry point and not the exit to poetry in these young students’ lives — so using me as a beginning into their exploration of literature, but in no way the end. I’m so excited to see what these adorable youngsters continue to create and how they will continue to grow and even one day surpass me,” Amanda responded, connecting the fashion to the work and poetry at hand, as she is known to do.

If you’re into Amanda’s Alice + Olivia dress because of how it connects to her art and represents the hope she brings for the future, you can shop it ahead, along with some more affordable options if you’re on a tighter budget.

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