Amber list countries see huge surge in bookings as thousands of Brits ignore PM’s advice | UK | News


It comes despite repeated Government warnings to avoid such destinations for non-essential travel There has been a surge in bookings for European countries such as Spain, Greece, Italy and France, all of which failed to make it onto Boris Johnson’s “green list”. More than 1,300 flights are destined for “amber listed” countries in the next five days to Sunday, carrying up to 54,000 passengers a day – according to analysis carried out by the Daily Telegraph.

This equates to around 270,000 people in total and could be a harbinger for things to come later in the summer.

The European exodus comes despite repeated warnings by the Government for tourists to avoid countries on the “amber list”.

The Prime Minister told MPs on Wednesday: “It is very, very clear – you should not be going to an ‘amber list’ country except for some extreme circumstance, such as the serious illness of a family member.

“You should not be going to an ‘amber list’ country on holiday.”

That message was then reinforced by Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, who told reporters at a Downing Street press conference that if people wanted to go abroad for their holidays, they should stick to “green listed” countries or simply stay at home.

UK tour operators are following Foreign Office travel advice that deems many of the countries currently on the “amber list” as safe for non-essential travel.

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Within those 10 days they will also have to submit to PCR tests on days two and eight.

Alternatively, they can do an extra test for a fee on day five to be released from isolation early.

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, England’s deputy chief medical officer, warned holidaymakers that some of the “amber listed” countries “still have quite high levels of disease activity compared to the UK.”

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