Amir Khan flipped out when he thought he’d lost £2million in YouTube prank by wife Faryal Makhdoom


Amir Khan lost his cool with wife Faryal Makhdoom when she tricked him into believing she’d mistakenly transferred £2million out of their account.

The former world champion asked his wife to liaise with their friend Sam and change several million dollars into pounds before Brexit was finalised, but she took the opportunity to make a prank video for her YouTube channel.

Khan thankfully didn’t actually lose a penny

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Khan thankfully didn’t actually lose a penny

After setting up two hidden cameras in their kitchen, Makhdoom told Khan that she’d accidentally transferred £2million to Sam (rather than the £20 she owed him) and he was no longer returning her calls.

Khan raged: “What the f*** do you do all day?

“From £20 you were supposed to put in, to £2million?

“How do we get him to send it back?

“Legally, that’s it. We can’t chase him back for that money.

“From £20 to £2million you dumb f***. What is wrong with you Faryal?

“What the f***’s wrong with your head?”

After a stressful ten minutes, Khan was eventually relieved when his wife informed him she was only joking.

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