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The DWP administers a number of payments, including Universal Credit and PIP which are claimed by millions of people. One of the major responsibilities of providing this kind of financial support is to ensure fairness is taking place across the system. In this sense, the DWP regularly takes action to ensure everyone receives the amount to which they are entitled.

Benefits could even be stopped while a person is being investigated, but Britons will receive a letter informing them of this if it occurs.

When investigating a person for benefit fraud, there is certain information the DWP can draw together to support a case.

This includes: 

  • Photographs or videos
  • Audio recordings
  • Inspector reports from surveillance activities
  • Interviews with a person or people they know
  • Evidence submitted by anyone who reported a person
  • Copies of correspondence

It may also be the case that bank statements and other forms of financial data are collated to check transactions.

Details such as location check-ins or photographs may or may not be evidence which proves useful in this kind of investigation. 

If a person suspects someone of benefit fraud, they will be able to report the matter to the Department for Work and Pensions Fraud and Error Service.

They will not, however, be able to tell the person about the outcome of the investigation.

Action may involve removing a person’s benefits or taking them to court, but some investigations will end in the person being found not guilty.

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