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F9 has brought the Fast and Furious franchise some of its most outlandish moments yet, but things could get even crazier if Vin Diesel gets his wish of starring in a musical spinoff. Now nine movies deep into the series, the franchise is more popular than ever with F9 releasing to big success at the box office this weekend. The series will end with the eleventh installment, but potential spinoffs can still keep the franchise alive.

Last week, Diesel appeared as a guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show to help promote this weekend’s release of F9. Discussing what could potentially come next for the series, Clarkson asked Diesel if he’d be up for doing a Fast and Furious musical. The suggestion was possibly in jest, but as it turns out, Diesel’s been waiting his whole life to do a musical, so he would jump at the opportunity. He also revealed that he came close to doing Guys and Dolls with Steven Spielberg, but it didn’t pan out.

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“Well, I’m dying to do a musical. I’ve been dying to do a musical my whole life. I was this close to doing Guys and Dolls with Steven Spielberg, but we ended up not doing that. But, I’m dying to do a musical… For the longest time, I thought the Nathan Detroit role in Guys and Dolls would be a very interesting one to revamp, the one that Frank Sinatra played in Guys and Dolls.”

Given how most fans know him from movies like the Fast and Furious series, Diesel’s name isn’t one that comes to mind right away when thinking about musicals. Even so, it’s long been a dream of Diesel’s, and he’s still holding onto the hope of making it happen some day. Fortunately, he explains that his family supports his endeavors every step of the way.

“My family is artistic, and I’m blessed to have that and I’m blessed to be in a supportive family that’s been supportive of these crazy dreams. I would encourage everyone to – dream first, definitely dream first – but support people that want to think outside the box and dream something impossible because there’s great beauty in that.”

The plan for the rest of the Fast and Furious franchise seems to be laid out. The tenth and eleventh movies will be shot back-to-back with the latter set to close out the main series. Even so, that doesn’t mean that Diesel’s dream of doing a musical is impossible, as spinoff movies are not out of the question. Vin Diesel has even recently confirmed that he’d be open to continuing the story of Dom Toretto in a spinoff focusing on his character specifically. If it happens, why not make it a musical?

F9 is directed by Justin Lin. Along with Diesel, the cast includes Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Jordana Brewster, Nathalie Emmanuel, Sung Kang, Michael Rooker, Helen Mirren, Kurt Russell, and Charlize Theron. John Cena also makes his debut in the franchise as the brother of Vin Diesel’s character, a casting choice that Diesel said he felt was suggested to him by Paul Walker in some way.

People in the United States can now watch F9 following its premiere in theaters this weekend. The movie’s successful launch has led to the cast declaring that movie theaters are back, noting the excellent turnout for F9. If F10 and F11 both end up scoring bigtime at the box office as well, we’ll more likely than not get some of those potential spinoffs Diesel was talking about. This news comes to us from The Kelly Clarkson Show.

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