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An ISA, or Individual Savings Account, can come in various forms, but is seen as a good savings vehicle to help Britons grow their money. Each tax year, running from April 6 to April 5, individuals will be able to save a certain amount into an ISA tax-free. With the deadline approaching, looks at one of the multiple ISA options: a stocks and shares ISA. 

This will also be the case for people putting into ISAs in the coming 2021/22 tax year as the allowance remains the same.

People can choose whether they want to invest the full £20,000 into one type of ISA, or if they wish to split their allowance.

However, for those who do choose to split, it is still the case the £20,000 limit cannot be exceeded across these accounts.

Is a stocks and shares ISA right for me?

Stocks and shares ISAs come with a certain level of risk, which can be somewhat mediated depending on options chosen.

For those who wish to get more tailored support, taking advice will be key to ensure they make the decisions which are right for them financially. 

How can a person buy an ISA?

ISAs can be purchased in a number of methods, but perhaps the most familiar option is contacting one’s bank.

There may be fund managers who look at stocks and shares ISAs, and stockbrokers may also be able to offer assistance.

Finally, independent financial advisers may also be able to offer ISAs to savers. 

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