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Jill the fourth child and the second daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, has been known to defy her parents’ strict religious beliefs and has been increasingly distancing herself from her family and her 18 other siblings.

She has become estranged from her family recently after she and her husband Derick stepped away from their strict conservative values.

Jill, 29, shared a sweet 15-minute video of Israel’s first day of kindergarten where she and husband Derick Dillard took him to school and then went back to pick him up.

The 5-year-old seemed very excited to be starting school and even waved his mom off as she delivered him to his teacher.

Following his first day at school, fans praised the mom for signing up her son for school.

One fan wrote: “I hope Israel loves going to school.”

And a third said: “I think it’s awesome you are sending him to school and going against the grain of you family values! You do you, you’re doing great and following your gut.”

This isn’t the first time that Jill has gone her own route as she recently promoted her rebel cousin Amy’s risqué clothing line by wearing a leopard, tie-die and floral loungewear short sets while also showing off a maxi dress.

Jill has butted heads with her parents Jim Bob, 55, and Michelle, 53, as Derick claimed they are also banned from the family compound when Jill’s father isn’t there.

Derick exclusively told The Sun: “I think he’s mainly worried about the influence we might have on his children.”

He also claimed that Jim Bob had tried to force him to sign an NDA in 2019 but that “the truth” was more important, and that the show had “begged” Jill and Derick to return but they refused.

He recalled: “We were humiliated and threatened when we first tried to not film.

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