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Metro Bank is a newer, yet popular provider which has unfortunately joined the list of banks which have been exploited by unscrupulous fraudsters. It is sadly the case that the names of familiar banks and building societies are being used to lull savers into a false sense of security. Now, however, the bank is fighting back in efforts to keep Britons, whether they use Metro or not, safe from criminals. 

However, ironically, the opposite is true, and instead of being a secure account, this is actually managed by the fraudster themselves.

It effectively leaves the door wide open for cybercriminals to withdraw the funds from the new account and make off with the money.

The scam is then complete, leaving unsuspecting Britons devastated and financially compromised. 

Adam Speakman, head of fraud and investigations at Metro Bank offered further insight on the matter.

“Remember that new bank accounts can only ever be opened by customer request – we would never open an account on the customer’s behalf on the phone, nor pressure you into doing so.”

As a result, Metro Bank is urging its customers and other Britons to “spot” and then “block” the scam.

Those who receive a call, text, email or any other type of correspondence which asks for payment are told never to engage.

Instead, in the case of phone calls, Britons should hang up and then call their bank back using the number on the back of their bank card.

Any caller who states they have set up a new bank account for a person to move money to is likely to be a scammer.

Most of all, if anyone ever feels threatened or is asked to act urgently, then they should hang up immediately. 

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