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The Duke of Sussex has unveiled the trailer for his documentary series about mental health alongside US media personality Oprah Winfrey. The sneak peek for The Me You Can’t See, was released on Monday ahead of the show’s premiere on Apple TV+ on May 21.

According to a body language expert, the video shows Harry as a “determined-looking man” following the controversy surrounding his first interview with Ms Winfrey.

Writing for, Judi James pointed out the body language traits that showed the Duke’s willingness to help others with their mental health.

She wrote: “Harry’s body language fluctuates during this very emotive and noisy trailer with its crashing music, shouting voices and tragic tears.”

The pitch coach added: “After the rapping, ‘comedy Harry’ of the James Corden show and the bean-spilling, angry Harry of the first Oprah interview we are now being shown a glimpse of a calmer and more determined-looking man, comfortable and confident to fly solo with only a brief glimpse of Meghan and with an elevation in his power signals.

“Sitting back in his chair with one leg crossed over the other thigh and his hands clasped high in an inward-pointing steeple with meshed fingers, Harry appears almost to have the authority and desire to help of a therapist or counsellor.”

During the two and a half minute trailer, Ms Winfrey says to Harry: “All over the world people are in some kind of mental, psychological, emotional pain.”

He replies: “What words have you heard around mental health? Crazy?”

The host adds: “Lost it, can’t keep it together.

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