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The Queen had reportedly sought to stop Princess Margaret from going after her two daughters-in-law after a series of scandals rocked the Royal Family. Her Majesty’s younger sister was well-known for her love of the Royal Family and passionate defensiveness of the monarchy. And when Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson threatened the institution with their conduct, Margaret allegedly let out her frustration at the pair after the Queen gave up attempts to pacify her.

The narrator of Channel 5’s documentary ‘Princess Margaret: Rebel without a Crown’ Frances Barber said: “Margaret’s rebellion towards Diana and Fergie would not fail to escape the attention of her sister.”

Margaret’s biographer Tom Quinn added: “The Queen did try to intervene, I’ve been told, but the experience would have told Queen Elizabeth that not much can be done. ‘

“This is my sister, she’s always been an issue, she’s always been difficult. We’re just going to have to accept that’.”

Princess Diana received a particularly vitriolic treatment from Margaret after speaking out about her difficult marriage to Prince Charles during an unprecedented interview with BBC Panorama in 1995.

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Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter said: “As far as Margaret was concerned, that was the ultimate act of betrayal.

“Yes, Margaret had her own infidelities but you don’t talk about them on a public forum.

“You don’t air your dirty laundry and, more than that, you don’t throw the entire Royal Family and with it the institution of monarchy, under the bus. She was furious.”

And when pictures emerged of Fergie on holiday with Texan billionaire John Bryant sucking her toes, Margaret’s response was equally brutal.

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Ms Hazarika said: “There is a great irony with how Princess Margaret reacts to Diana and Sarah Ferguson.

“They, of course, go through quite a torrid time in their relationships, they have a huge amount of press intrusion.

“And you would think that Margaret, having gone through all this, might have been slightly kindly and benevolent but she is quite harsh towards them.”

Princess Margaret was also reported to have ordered her children to ignore Diana whenever they visited her at Kensington Palace, where the Princess of Wales remained following her divorce from Prince Charles.

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