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State pension, Universal Credit and other benefits can have their payment dates change should they fall on a bank holiday. Where this occurs, recipients will usually be paid on the first working day beforehand.

Claims for state pensions can be made online through the Government’s website.

Additionally, claims can also be made over the phone or through the post.

To be eligible for a state pension, people will need to have at least 10 qualifying years of National Insurance contributions under their belt.

To receive the full new state pension amount of £179.60 per week, at least 35 years will be needed – although there are certain reasons which could mean the amount is smaller or greater.

Once a person reaches their state pension age, there is no obligation to actually claim the payments and if they do not, the payments will be automatically deferred.

State pension payments will increase for every week they are deferred, and for the new state pension, this is so long as they are deferred for at least nine weeks.

The payments will increase by the equivalent of one percent for every nine weeks of deferment.

This works out at just under 5.8 percent for every 52 weeks, for the new state pension.

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