Steve Martin, Albert Brooks & Miss Piggy Among Celebrities Paying Tribute to Charles Grodin


As reported earlier, Charles Grodin sadly passed away on Tuesday at the age of 86, and fans and fellow celebrities are paying tribute to the beloved actor. From his Golden Globe-nominated role in The Heartbreak Kid to starring as the family patriarch in the Beethoven movies, Grodin is beloved by many fans all across the world. With the outpouring of tribute posts coming in online in the wake of his death, it’s more clear than ever just how much he is loved.

Comedian and actor Steve Martin, who appeared with Grodin in the 1985 movie Movers & Shakers, posted to Twitter: “So [sad] to hear. One of the funniest people I ever met: Charles Grodin, Star of Beethoven and Heartbreak Kid, Dies at 86.”

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Also paying tribute is filmmaker Albert Brooks, whose directorial debut in 1979 featured Grodin in a starring role. “R.I.P. Charles Grodin,” he says in a tweet. “A brilliant comedy actor. I had the wonderful experience of working with him in my first feature Real Life and he was amazing. Rest In Peace, Chuck.”

Sharing a personal story about Charles Grodin, former Letterman writer Caissie posted: “One time backstage at Letterman, I dropped a glass coffee pot & it smashed in a million pieces & I said, ‘Oh my god, I’m such an idiot.’ I did not know Charles Grodin was behind me & he said ‘Lots of people are going to call you an idiot in this business. Don’t be one of ’em!'”

“RIP Charles Grodin,” tweeted Patton Oswalt. “Ordering a plate of chorizo and eggs in his beloved memory.”

Posing an image of Grodin with Miss Piggy, Muppet History posted: “Rest In Peace to the legendary Charles Grodin. Whether the charming yet nasty Nicky Holiday in The Great Muppet Caper or the bumbling security guard in The Muppets at Walt Disney World, Grodin was always a delight when he was onscreen.”

From her own verified Twitter account, Miss Piggy herself added: “My beloved Charles Grodin was a fabulous friend to moi onscreen and off. Debonair, handsome, talented, charming – and great taste! I’ll miss him dearly.”

“RIP Charles Grodin,” said comedian Paul F. Tompkins. “My mother’s favorite comedy was Midnight Run but she didn’t like all the cursing & for years searched in vain for a copy of the movie that had the curses removed & now I hope Charles Grodin is with her in heaven explaining to her that they didn’t sell those.”

And Jim Belushi said, “My heart is heavy today – we lost the bright and talented, Charles Grodin. All my love and empathy to beautiful family – he will be incredibly missed! Taking Care of Business was one of my favorite sets I ever worked on. Here’s to Charles!”

With such a powerful legacy left behind, there will never be any forgetting Charles Grodin. Perhaps the best way to deal with the pain of his passing is to go back and watch some of his classic movies to better remember just how funny and talented he really was. Rest in peace. You can see many more tribute posts on Twitter.

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