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In a lengthy Twitter thread, the Canadian Prime Minister outlined how the 2021 Budget will help “turn things around” and specifically targeting his tweets towards the female population. He wrote: “The pandemic has threatened to stall much of the progress women have made over the past decades.

“In fact, many women have left their jobs this past year. This isn’t just a recession. It’s a ‘she-cession’.”

He then said how his government will make sure any mothers returning to work will have “high-quality” child care and said they will create apprenticeships for young women “starting their careers”.

However, the Canadian Prime Minister has been accused of “gender discrimination” on social media.

Former MEP, Martin Daubney, said: “‘She-cession?’

“What a load of she-*t.”

While someone else commented: “Yet more gender discrimination.”

Another person added: “You had me right up until ‘She-cession’.

“Please arrest whoever’s idea that was.”

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“On a different note, entire industries have been wiped off the map (wedding/event).

“Is there a job retraining initiative for women w/no place to go?”

Another person wrote: “‘She-cession’ embarrasses all of peoplekind.”

While someone else added: “She-session ranks right up there with people-kind.

“Enough with the buzz words.”

The tweets mockingly used the premier’s 2018 comment when he interrupted a questioner and said Canada prefers to use the more inclusive term “peoplekind”.

Another person said: “Excuse me… We like to say ‘people-cession’ not necessarily ‘she-cession.’

“It’s more inclusive.”

Others pointed out how the pandemic has also affected men and not just women.

One person said: “Recessions are not gender binary!”

While someone else wrote: “Oh I didn’t know COVID-19 could tell male from female.”

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