TV Licence: Payment to be ‘reconsidered’ in future as Royal Charter issue debated | Personal Finance | Finance


“We have been clear ahead of the next Charter we will undertake a detailed look at the Licence Fee model itself, and introduce any necessary reforms.

“In addition, the BBC has committed to consider and explore whether elements of subscription have a role to play alongside the core licence fee funding model, as it aims to develop and test the scope for additional sources of commercial review.”

The level of the licence fee from 2022 onwards is also set to be determined and will be announced in due course. 

With regards to the decriminalisation of the TV Licence, the Government has said this is a matter which is also under review.

It published a response earlier in 2021 which  addressed the matter of TV Licence evasion, and examined the stress and anxiety many cited the criminal sanction as causing. 

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